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For over four decades, our award-winning private investigator agency has been a pillar of trust and professional integrity in Manchester. We understand that seeking the services of a private investigator often comes at a time of distress or uncertainty. It’s with this understanding that we approach every case with a blend of empathy and professional rigor, offering peace of mind through our expert investigative services.

In the realm of private investigation, trust is not given lightly. As a leading private investigator agency, we have earned the trust of our Manchester clients through years of dedicated service. Our commitment to confidentiality, ethical practice, and effective results has made us a trusted name. We understand the gravity of each investigation and the impact it has on our clients’ lives, guiding our every action with a strong sense of responsibility.

No two investigations are the same, just as no two clients are the same. We begin by understanding your specific situation. This involves listening to you, not merely as a client, but as an individual with unique needs and concerns. Our investigative strategies are then carefully tailored to align with your objectives, taking into account your time and budget constraints. Our private detectives clarify the process, explaining each step in clear, accessible language, ensuring that you feel informed and empowered throughout the investigation.

Transparency is key in our work. We conduct investigations with the highest levels of professionalism and attention to detail, and we believe in keeping you informed at every stage. This approach not only fosters trust but also ensures that you are a part of the process, making informed decisions based on the evidence and insights we provide.

Professional and Experienced Team of Private Investigators

At Research Associates, the foundation of our exemplary service is our outstanding team, which possesses an in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience in the field of private investigation. Our private investigation agency’s distinct reputation in the industry is largely attributed to the leadership and expertise of our principals: Paul Hawkes, Martin Tomlins-Young, and Harry Gottlieb.

Paul Hawkes, a renowned figure in the private investigation community, is recognised for his leadership and extensive involvement in complex, high-profile global cases. A member of various prestigious investigative organisations, his expertise is a cornerstone of our agency’s success. Martin Tomlins-Young, with his wealth of knowledge and experience, exemplifies professionalism in the field. His insights and methodologies greatly enhance the effectiveness of our investigative operations. Harry Gottlieb, another integral member of our team, adds a distinct layer of expertise. His unique skills and insights complement the strengths of his colleagues, creating a formidable trio.

Together, these three professional detectives have cultivated a vast, international network of contacts, significantly enhancing our operational reach. This global network is a vital resource, enabling us to extend our investigative services beyond local boundaries and deliver comprehensive private investigator services not just in Manchester, but worldwide.

What truly distinguishes our team, however, is the synergy of their collective experience. They possess a profound understanding of both the practical and legal aspects of private investigations. Every case is approached with the highest degree of professionalism and ethical consideration. Their in-depth knowledge of the field’s nuances guides our approach to each investigation. Balancing attention to detail with a strict adherence to legal and ethical standards is fundamental in our approach. As active members of the UK’s Association of British Investigators, our dedication to the profession is clear. This membership underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of practice.

A Comprehensive Range of Private Investigator Services

As a leading private investigator agency, we understand that the need for private investigation can arise from a multitude of situations, each requiring a unique approach. Our wide range of private investigator services is designed to mirror the vibrant diversity of Manchester, delivered with a deep understanding of the nuances and sensitivities each case demands.

  • Blackmail and Extortion Investigations: Facing blackmail or extortion is an overwhelming experience, filled with uncertainty and fear. Our team responds with urgency and tact to these high-stress scenarios. We employ sophisticated investigative techniques to identify the perpetrators and gather evidence, aiming to resolve these situations swiftly and discreetly.
  • Locating Missing Persons: Cases involving missing persons are deeply emotional and often fraught with uncertainty. Our team approaches these cases with empathy and determination. We utilise a network of resources and cutting-edge tracing techniques to locate missing individuals. Our goal is to bring closure and peace of mind to our clients, reuniting them with those they seek.
  • Surveillance Operations: Our surveillance operations are conducted with the highest level of discretion. We respect the privacy and dignity of all individuals involved, ensuring that our surveillance activities are unobtrusive yet effective.
  • Background Checks and Due Diligence: Whether it’s for personal reassurance or business transactions, our background checks and due diligence services offer comprehensive insights. Our investigations delve into public records, financial histories, and other relevant data, providing you with a detailed understanding of an individual’s or entity’s background.
  • Debtor Tracing: Tracing debtors presents its own unique challenges, especially when individuals intentionally evade their financial responsibilities. Our approach to these cases is methodical and persistent. We utilise our expansive network and the latest resources to locate individuals who have defaulted on their obligations.
  • Complex Fraud Investigations: Fraud cases are often intricate, involving layers of deception and financial complexity. Our investigators are skilled in unravelling these complexities, employing a keen analytical approach. We examine financial records, track transactions, and use forensic accounting techniques to uncover the truth behind fraud schemes. Our detailed investigations provide clarity and evidence to support legal action or decision-making processes.
  • Forensic Services: Our forensic services are at the forefront of technological advancements. We employ a range of techniques, from fingerprint analysis to digital forensics, to uncover and analyse evidence.
  • Personal Relationship Investigations: Matters of the heart are often the most delicate. Whether it’s concerns about infidelity, pre-marital checks, or other relationship-related issues, our approach is always characterised by sensitivity and confidentiality. We understand the emotional nature of these investigations and handle each case with the utmost care, ensuring discretion at every turn.

Legal and Ethical Approach

As trustworthy and discreet private detectives, we place a high emphasis on ethical and legal compliance in all our investigative activities. Each investigation is conducted with integrity and carefully within the legal framework. We strictly adhere to relevant laws and regulations, including privacy laws, the Data Protection Act, and legal parameters around surveillance.

Moreover, the privacy and confidentiality of our clients are paramount. Every consultation is safeguarded by Non-Disclosure Agreements, ensuring client confidence and peace of mind. We handle sensitive information with utmost care, implementing stringent confidentiality measures such as secure data handling and discreet client communication. Our dedication to confidentiality is rooted in both legal and ethical principles, guaranteeing the trust our clients place in us is always respected.

Honesty and transparency are cornerstones of our client interactions. We believe in providing clear and truthful assessments of what each investigation can realistically achieve. We steer clear of overpromising or setting expectations that are not feasible. Our private detectives are instructed to maintain integrity in all their operations, guaranteeing that the methods employed are both ethical and effective.

Global Reach with Local Focus in Manchester

Our private investigator agency, renowned for its decades of expertise, offers a unique blend of local knowledge across the UK, from London to Manchester, and global reach that sets us apart in the field of private investigation. We’ve grown far beyond the boundaries of Manchester, developing a vast global network that empowers us to extend our specialized investigative services worldwide. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, where cases often stretch across borders, this international capability is more vital than ever. Our ability to tap into resources and contacts on a global scale means that no matter where a case leads, we’re equipped to follow.

Our team of private detectives is adept at navigating the complexities of both local and international investigations. Whether a case demands the nuanced understanding of Manchester’s community or a broad, cross-border approach our private investigators are equipped with the skills, experience, and resources to manage it with precision and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our solutions to fit the unique demands of each case, regardless of its scope or complexity. This balanced approach ensures that our clients receive the most comprehensive and effective service, grounded in local expertise and bolstered by global reach.

Facing Uncertainty or Seeking Answers? Regain Control and Uncover the Truth – Contact Research Associates Today

If you’re seeking professional private investigation services, the expertise you need is just a call away. Having a reliable, expert team on your side can make all the difference. At Research Associates, our decades of experience and comprehensive local and global knowledge stand ready to assist you. Whether you’re grappling with the distress of being blackmailed, searching for a missing loved one, or having complex personal or corporate matters, our team is equipped to bring clarity and resolution to your situation.

We understand the emotional weight of these challenges and approach each case with the utmost discretion and sensitivity. If you’re in a situation where the stakes are high and the truth seems elusive, don’t face it alone. Contact us today for a confidential consultation. Our dedicated team of expert private investigators is committed to providing the support, guidance, and expertise you need to uncover the truth and find peace of mind. Trust Research Associates to guide you through these trying times with professionalism and empathy.

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Since 1977, we’ve been known for our outstanding quality of service, which includes professional and experienced investigators, access to legal intelligence, state-of-the-art techniques, comprehensive coverage, fast response, and excellent standards of practice.

When hiring a private investigator, it’s essential to choose a trustworthy and reputable agency. Consider their experience, track record, and reviews from previous clients to ensure you’re working with expert and reliable professionals. We recommend that the best way to determine the suitability of an investigative agency for your specific needs is by having a consultation. At Research Associates, we ensure a completely confidential, no-obligation discussion to get the best insights into whether our agency is the right fit for your requirements. This consultation allows you to discuss your case in detail, understand our approach, and make an informed decision about moving forward with our services.

It’s helpful to have a clear understanding of the issues you want to discuss during the consultation. You can prepare a list of questions or concerns you have, and any relevant documents or information that may be pertinent to your case.

Absolutely, you can trust that your case will remain confidential when you hire our agency. We consider confidentiality a top priority and take several measures to ensure it. Our private investigators are trained to handle cases discreetly, and we offer consultations protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). These legally binding agreements guarantee that any information shared during the consultation and throughout the investigation will remain strictly confidential. You can have full confidence that your privacy is protected when working with us.


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Research Associates is proud to be associated with prestigious organisations in the field of investigation and forensic sciences. As a distinguished member of the UK’s Association of British Investigators, we uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical practices.

Furthermore, our affiliation with The Institute of Professional Investigators and the World Association of Detectives Inc. underscores our commitment to global excellence in the investigative industry.

We also take pride in our membership with the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, which demonstrates our dedication to advancing forensic science and maintaining the highest level of expertise in our field.

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