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Personal Relationship Investigations

Delving into a possible or actual breakdown of marital relations calls for the utmost discretion, understanding and tact as emotional issues can be raw and have tragic consequences. So, when we are asked to investigate the infidelity of a partner, we take a carefully considered, softly softly undercover approach.

Every relationship is intimate and emotional, any falling-out raises unique issues which we try to understand before presenting a strategy which we agree with the clients. The most common is the cheating wife or, more usually, the husband. This also applies to unmarried partnerships and same-sex marriages. There are many other causes for marital break-ups including religion, culture, ethnicity and even age. The evidence we produce sometimes impinges on Family Law and is used in court, so our approach is always honest and reliable. Hopefully, some resolution can be found before we investigate, a very good reason why we have to be subtle and non-adversarial. We do no more than meet our client’s brief; what they do with the evidence up to them.

Tell-tale signs

Infidelity moves by stealth. It takes time for suspicions to arise unless, of course, when caught in flagrante delicto! More usually when we are involved, there are tell-tale signs that the marriage or partnership is under threat. Here are some examples:

Changes of behaviour, unexplained absences, an egotistic interest in physical appearance
Improving style or level of intimacy in the bedroom
Lies exposed by greater than normal frequency of absences from the home
Unexplained contents of a pocket or wallet
Secretive mobile phone usage
Abnormal behaviour in relation to a known friend, colleague or workmate
Style of behaviour or denial when confronted by uncomfortable questioning
Resentful, hostile or transactional attitude to challenges of dishonesty
Mentionitis, a term in the urban dictionary meaning the repetitious mention of someone with whom an intimate relationship is developing.

Family, wealth or reputation

Once suspicions are aroused, it is natural to seek the truth and find the evidence so that decisions can be made. The problem may be resolved fairly easily for most people acting on their own. However, where the consequences are severe in terms of collateral damage to the family, especially children, or where wealth or reputation is involved. This is where in-depth, covert surveillance might be necessary. There will be a cost element to think about as conclusive evidence can take time to establish.

Our approach recognises the fragility of relationships, especially at this painful time. The emotional stress and the consequences in terms of family relationships, child custody, division of assets and the need for privacy especially in cases that interest the media. We are very conscious of the ethics of our profession and pursue them rigorously. Our research may take us anywhere in the world so we have the resources and a worldwide team of experienced investigators who agree to our ethos of quality.

Sources of information

Apart from a variety of covert surveillance techniques, we use open-source intelligence sources to run background information on the subject. Known as OSINT, it is a collection of information gathered from analogue and digital media, government information in the public domain, professional and academic archives, commercial and industrial databases as well as information stored on the ‘Dark Web’.

We also have our own archives built up from cases going back to 1977.


We are bound, as is the legal profession, to act and report without bias or favour. Our reports are honest and go into detail with all the relevant information accurately presented that could, if required, be used in court.

What next?

If you have cause for believing your marriage or partnership is breaking down – or that the stability of your life is being threatened by the irrational or unfaithful behaviour of your partner’s, call 020 7243 1000 now, our response will be immediate, sympathetic and effective. But do not wait, evidence has a shelf life; it is faster and easier to find when it is fresh!

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