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Missing persons discreetly traced and found.

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Missing persons discreetly traced and found

We go to the ends of the Earth to find missing people. As local or as international as the case demands. They could be a close, distant or adopted relative, a friend; a beneficiary; or someone who owes you money. Finding missing persons demands an extensive knowledge of where information is stored, the legal limitations, diligent field work, a combination of traditional and digital age techniques and, above all, confidential verification of the missing person is paramount.

Here are some examples of the kind of people we are asked to find:

  • A family member or relative
  • A long-lost friend
  • A former partner
  • An adopted or fostered child’s birth mother or father
  • A mother or father searching for their child or children
  • An errant parent in arrears with child maintenance
  • Seriously ill or dead people who have ‘disappeared’
  • A beneficiary of a will, gift or prize
  • Someone who owes you money (see Debtor Tracing)
  • A rogue trader or fraudster
  • A person required for legal purposes (see Process Serving)

How to Start

The more information about the person being sought the quicker the chances of their whereabouts. For example, the basic last known detail:

  • Name
  • Date of birth or age
  • Last known address
  • Last known occupation
  • Any distinguishing features or scars (see below)

All other detail is, of course, helpful. However, in many cases we have a lot less to go on but even with the most minimal information we have successfully located the missing person.

How we go about our work

We use open-source data (including the electoral register or equivalent abroad), covert surveillance, and many other means to find the person you are looking for. Depending on the nature of the assignment we can gain legal access to personal information protected by the data protection regulations in the UK, Europe and in other countries.

We ensure, at all times, the person or persons we are trying to find are completely unaware of our searches.

How long does it take? What does it cost?

It has to be said at the start that Research Associates is always mindful of using its time efficiently and cost effectively. At the same time, cost is determined by urgency and the extent of the information supplied.

Everything depends on personal details and the value of the criteria being provided; how accurate and up-to-date it is. People with a determined intention of ‘disappearing’, might go abroad in secret, change their name or assume a new persona. So, information has to be treated with caution. It is safe to say
simple cases can less time than those where the information is minimal or misleading. With little to go on, it can take weeks or even months especially if the subject has self-exiled to a country with little interest in helping or lacks the resources to help.

The fresher and more extensive information we are given, the quicker and more efficiently we perform.

What next?

Contact us as soon as possible and give us as much detail as you are able. The trail may cool with time. The last known whereabouts with dates and as much personal information as possible will help. Once we have found the missing person, we make rigorous checks (like distinguishing features, if possible) to ensure we have found the correct individual. We then provide a written report so that you know for certain your ‘missing person’ has been found and where they have been located or contacted.

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