Professional Services: Cost-Effective Rates

Research Associates are happy to provide a quotation for any situation where the objectives are clear.

It is essential for clients to fully control what is spent on an investigative service.

A simple call to discuss your matter in confidence will allow us to give a firm quotation for any investigation.

At Research Associates, all potential costs are discussed in full prior to an investigation being initiated.

Professional investigators base fees on the requirements of a requested intelligence task, investigation or service, as well as the unique approach a specific situation requires, especially where a matter needs to be documented for court action.

A single call to Research Associates allows us to better understand your situation and provide a very accurate cost and turnaround time.

Research Associates are always happy to give a clear quotation based on specific case requirements.

We do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach; preferring to offer a fully bespoke yet cost-effective service, better suited to clients who require a well thought out and professional service.

We recommend potential clients make time to speak with us, as a short, no-cost consultation allows us to better appreciate the situation as well as give an informed indication of expenditure and agree on a clear budget.

Research Associates staff are always sensitive to the client’s circumstances and only offer services we truly believe may help resolve the presenting situation.

The Delicate Nature of Investigation

Since every investigation is essentially unique and because of the delicate nature of all we do, before the commencement of any assignment, we suggest you call and speak with us.

We find by talking through the outline of your current circumstance in confidence and asking just a few non-intrusive questions, we become fully able to comprehend your specific requirement.

This will also enable you to get to know how we work and for us to give a clear plan of action, costs, turn around time -and to decide whether you wish to instruct us.


Payment to Research Associates is acceptable in most forms.

It is the industry norm either to have cleared funds on account or to know funds may be accessed once investigations are complete.

The following payment forms are accepted:

Credit/Debit Card:

Research Associates accepts Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards. Credit cards attract a small charge to cover costs.

All debit cards are accepted without cost. Research Associates operate a (legal) passive trading name that appears on customers’ statements, used solely to protect clients’ privacy and anonymity.


Research Associates operate a (legal) passive trading name, solely used to protect our clients’ privacy, should you wish to pay by cheque and have the payee remain anonymous.


All cash payments will be fully receipted and documented by Research Associates.

Bank Transfer:

Research Associates are happy to provide our banking details including SWIFT and IBAN codes. When sending remittances from outside the UK, please ensure all bank charges are pre-paid.

Western Union:

For various legal reasons, Research Associates does not accept payment via Western Union.

Legal Aid:

Research Associates no longer accepts instructions funded by Legal Aid (unfortunately there are no exceptions).

Please Note:

Research Associates do not carry out tasks on deferred payment, work on contingency or carry out speculative investigations at its own risk. We do not offer credit facilities and payment becomes due ‘by return’.

We are happy to discuss any aspect of payment details in full:

Call Research Associates: 020 7243 1000 now

Please Note:

All fees and costs quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax (+VAT) unless clients reside outside the European Economic Community (EEC).

Current EEC Member States:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.