Electronic Sweep

Is someone listening to you who shouldn’t be?

Is your business leaking sensitive information?

The very thought that you or your company is being eavesdropped on in some way is disturbing. Someone out there may have a nefarious intention of gathering information causing you emotional distress, financial loss, trading compromise or reputational damage. Fortunately, precautions can be taken before a problem occurs or action when it happens.

The solution is known as Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM), colloquially known as debugging or bug sweeping. In this instance, the technology is a double-edged sword: the perpetrators are exploiting the sophistication of listening and video devices, their placement and usage for their own personal or commercial advantage. At the same time, we are developing identical technologies not only to counter these stealthy intrusions but to bring the perpetrators to justice.

50 years of experience

Since the seventies, Research Associates has been at the forefront of helping private individuals, companies and giant multinationals to locate and remove the threat of espionage in any form. We employ highly experienced and skilled technicians who keep abreast of surveillance innovations and maintain an up-to-date armoury of countermeasures.

Who is affected?

In domestic situations, eavesdropping is usually confined to the homes of the rich and famous; those with something to hide and reputations to protect. Marital conflict is another area, when one partner is hiding assets from the other or from the Courts of Justice. Malice can also be a motive.

Corporate espionage

Corporate espionage is big business yet is often overlooked. Secrecy behind new product development is standard, but non-disclosure agreements are not enough. Hidden devices can record details of future plans and profits of great interest to competitors. More seriously, this information, dishonestly gained, can affect the company’s stock market value, especially true when mergers and acquisitions are under discussion. Bugs placed in computers and networks can reveal a great deal about an enterprise. Buried deep in the system, they can be difficult to expose without the most advanced processes and equipment. The problem has to be shared between the computer maintenance team, telephony engineers and specialist investigating teams experienced in counter-surveillance; which is where we come in.

We set out to comply with the same cyber-physical techniques as NATO: to contribute to the safety, security and reliability of an enterprise. These are the imperatives of modern systems which have to be installed to withstand attack, environmental abuse, malfunction and misuse.

Bug sweeping/electronic sweep technologies and techniques

Our arsenal for exposing uninvited devices intruding on lives and workplaces is immense, as basic as a finger-tip search to the most sophisticated military-compliant hardware and software. We have state-of-the-art contrivances that can monitor or totally block phone calls. Further, if there is need for a totally secure room where highly sensitive data can be discussed, revised and recorded without fear of interception, we have the requisite expertise and technology.

In summary, we have the specialist teams that can:

  • Specify the equipment and procedures to locate any given surveillance source using, and including, thermal imaging, infra-red imaging, NLJD (non-linear junction detectors), forensic lighting and portable X-ray equipment.
  • Interpret the data provided by the above and define the action needed to neutralise the threat.
  • Identify all detection abuses and threats facilitated by different types of mobile communications including global systems for mobiles, universal mobile
    telecommunications as well as 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G detection.
  • Detect electronic circuitry and non-electronic objects buried deep in concrete walls
  • Identify irregular devices hidden in computers and computer networks
  • Specify and advise on fully secured rooms.

Installing surveillance.

When asked to install surveillance devices, we need to be assured that it falls within the law. We need to know the purpose of the request and will make a survey to decide what equipment is best to produce the desired result.


At the conclusion of every case, we report, in detail, what we have found and what measures we have taken to remove the threat or installed to counteract future breaches of security.

What next?

If you suspect any compromise to your security (personal, commercial, scientific or diplomatic), call 020 7243 1000 now, our response will be immediate, effective and, of course, remain robustly confidential.

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