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Research Associates has provided tailored confidential company reports and country risk reports since 1977. In addition, research Associates offers comprehensive international company reports with immediate delivery. Our service is well-thought-out, streamlined and designed to be bespoke according to need. It is aimed at clients who swiftly require a suitable and accurate report on their desktop.

Bespoke Investigation and Due Diligence

Depending on the circumstance and perceived level of risk, Research Associates may also discuss basic investigative requirements, for example, matching the contact details held by our client with those of the legitimate subject company or conducting a more in-depth criminality search (legally sourced from the public domain). We may also instigate other bespoke investigations to allow clients to gain competitive intelligence on any business entity.

All Research Associates intelligence tasks are undertaken by experienced private investigators and allied researchers/reputable databases, carried out with the utmost discretion, ensuring that our identities and existence are withheld, and that information is passed directly to clients securely.

Commissioned Business & Country Risk Reports

The best way to commission a report is to contact Research Associates and ask for our due diligence department. A case manager will indicate whether the relevant country has filing requirements, which types of companies are required (or are not required) to file, whether the report will provide a risk indicator or a financial strength indicator, whether the company has been found and the cost of a relevant company report and, where required, a detailed country risk report, as well as international criminality reports accessed via Open Source Intelligence (OSInt) research, accessing multiple access streams of intelligence.

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A call to Research Associates gives immediate access to over 210 million companies in 227 nations worldwide, built in fraud prevention alerts, as well as payment performance intelligence. Call Research Associates on 020 7243 1000 and ask for Paul Hawkes.

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Our Investigation Process

We offer a confidential consultation, tailored investigation strategy, and rapid, detailed reporting.


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We will propose a tailor-made approach and specific tactics for your situation, utilising our extensive array of services. Transparent pricing will be provided, and your plan will be agreed upon before we proceed with the investigation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

These reports are invaluable for business executives, investors, market analysts, and corporate strategists who are involved in international business operations, considering global expansion, or looking to invest in foreign markets.

These reports can include market analysis, competitor analysis, risk assessment, legal and regulatory compliance reviews, financial performance, supply chain analysis, cultural considerations, and more, depending on the specific needs of the client.

The time required to produce a global business report varies depending on the complexity and scope of the report. We strive to deliver these reports in a timely manner while ensuring comprehensive and accurate analysis.

We prioritise the use of the most recent and relevant data available. Our team continuously monitors and updates information to ensure our clients receive the most current insights.


Credible Legal Investigation

Research Associates is proud to be associated with prestigious organisations in the field of investigation and forensic sciences. As a distinguished member of the UK’s Association of British Investigators, we uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical practices.

Furthermore, our affiliation with The Institute of Professional Investigators and the World Association of Detectives Inc. underscores our commitment to global excellence in the investigative industry.

We also take pride in our membership with the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, which demonstrates our dedication to advancing forensic science and maintaining the highest level of expertise in our field.

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