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Bespoke Solutions to International Due Diligence

Research Associates has provided bespoke and structured professional solutions to due diligence since 1977, minimising risk for our clients and allowing them to make better-informed decisions. Our background checks are comprehensive and discreet – we ensure that the subject under investigation remains entirely unaware of the process throughout investigations.

Our background checks are an easy, no-fuss way to bring peace of mind and allow a sense of security in both personal and professional dealings. Our services are entirely legal and provide concerned parties with a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s or company’s historic status. This gives perspective and allows for informed decisions as to whether to remain personally or professionally involved with a person or entity. All information is obtained from qualified contacts, open-source intelligence (OSInt) collected from the public domain, in some cases, limited observation and other wholly legal sources.

Research Associates’ background check services vary according to specific requirements. They are carried out by qualified professionals with decades of experience using cutting-edge technology, ensuring our checks are comprehensive, discreet, and time-efficient. Our reporting includes most international jurisdictions, covering over 227 nations worldwide.

Routine Background Check

Our routine background check includes the following aspects:

  • Identity Verification: Full name, Address, Contact details, Births/Deaths/Marriages,  Electoral Register, NI number/Passport/Driving Licence (where provided)
  • Criminal History: Details of court cases including the Court, Date, Judge, Defendant, Offence and Sentence
  • Financial History: Credit History, Bankruptcy & Insolvency searches, CCJs and Judgements

Bespoke Background Check

Our bespoke background checks are entirely customisable, with the option to include any/all of the following:

  • Background screenings
  • Business relationships
  • Company corporate structure
  • Global KYC screenings (for compliance and security)
  • International criminality reports
  • Investigation
  • Location checks
  • Negative media verification
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Reports
  • Reputation verification

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