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Research Associates’ approach is both robust and compassionate

Research Associates, an established private investigation agency since 1977, has successfully helped recover lost funds from fraudulent activity and brought many perpetrators to justice. We provide cost-efficient resolutions to issues of fraud in a professional and understanding manner for both corporations and private individuals.

Research Associates is uniquely placed to resolve complex cases of fraud due to our decades of expertise and unparalleled resources; which allow us to keep pace with ever-developing fraudulent techniques; these include unparalleled legal access to covert asset-searching methods specifically designed for fraud investigations and clever use of a network of former police fraud officers – conversant with escalating with the police/judiciary.

Focused Investigation

Every case of fraud is unique, so our approach is bespoke to each client’s specific needs; the time and cost of any investigation are designed to be focused and cost-effective. When a fraud case is presented to us, we analyse all available evidence and build an effective strategy suited to the specific problem at hand.

In some instances of fraud, we can obtain legal access to information on the finances and assets of perpetrators, allowing us to identify the location of stolen assets and disclose perpetrators’ financial liabilities. This service is available only in situations specified in law and is undertaken in full compliance with all applicable privacy laws.


At the conclusion of every case, we provide a focused, multilayered report of all that has been found and what measures we recommend are necessary, including removing future threats. All Research Associates reports are thorough and professional. As well as reporting to you in person, our written report documents the presenting situation, an executive summary and a full report of all findings.

Our reports are designed to allow the reader to clearly understand the presenting situation along with the resulting evidence, whether the reader be a member of a client’s legal team, a Court (in the UK or an overseas jurisdiction), a family member or any other third party, and all information is substantiated and validated before creating your report.

What next?

Because of the delicate nature of complex fraud, we suggest you call 020 7243 1000 and ask for Paul Hawkes, our principal investigator and veteran fraud specialist with more than four decades of personal experience, for a free and confidential no-obligation consultation. This will give us a comprehensive understanding of your circumstance, which will allow us to provide you with a clear picture of how we will assist you. This will also let us initiate a bespoke plan of action according to your personal needs, including a quote, allowing you to consider whether you wish to instruct.

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