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Five decades of experience in personal, corporate and criminal inquiries

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Research Associates is one of the longest established private investigators in the UK. Based in London, we have half a century of service to private individuals, companies, charities, government departments, the diplomatic corps and the legal profession.

No Boundaries

We deal with threat in its many forms both verbal and online: physical, emotional, financial, reputational, psychological and political. Much of our work has typically been on high profile cases where expense comes second to closure. Every assignment is undertaken by a professional investigator with experience specific to the task.

High Profile

Our business strides the globe; from your doorstep to wherever our investigations take us. State borders are blurred through migration, marriage, cultural exchanges, transport, tourism and trade. Cybercrime knows no boundaries at all. So, our practice expands with necessity – locally and internationally.

Range of Services

We are experts in tracing people, dealing with matrimonial relationships. We are experienced in personal security and close protection. Our commercial portfolio includes covert surveillance, asset and debtor tracing, fraud, cybercrime, due diligence, corporate and competitive intelligence and much more. We also have facilities for polygraphs, security consultancy and process serving.

Experienced Team

We have a chosen team of forensic specialists at home and abroad who are motivated by the company’s ethos of honesty and professional standards to bring seemingly intractable problems to a conclusion. Our success has come with our ability to keep pace with the ever-changing laws and technologies.

Bespoke Services

Truth can be elusive, implausible and even inconvenient. Nevertheless, we follow the trail diligently to its conclusion and report with accuracy and candour. We rise to out-of-the-ordinary challenges: those very specific special projects that typically threaten the wealth, reputation or safety of high net worth individuals.

Working with Lawyers

Over the years, we have worked to provide solicitors and barristers with hard evidence in the civil and criminal high courts of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and overseas, including the USA.


Confidentiality is key to our work. So if you wish to start an investigation, call the number below as soon as possible. Evidence has a shelf life; it is faster and easier to find when it is fresh!

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