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Specialist Training

Research Associates offers bespoke on-demand training to private and public sector organisations in Open-Source Intelligence (OSInt), otherwise known as III (i3), investigative interview techniques, and surveillance. All courses are highly effective, built upon decades of investigative experience, and are bespoke according to specific needs; we do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Before training begins, we consult in order to develop an understanding of the nuance of your requirements, allowing us to provide a fully customised offering, however complex your needs. Our fully-accredited trainers cater to groups and individuals, with training provided either face-to-face at a location convenient to you or remotely. In addition, our training covers all guidelines and legislation relevant to the client, e.g. the IPA 2016 and MLAs for public sector and law enforcement clients.

OSInt/i3 Training

Open-Source Intelligence (OSInt), now referred to by many UK Public Authorities as Internet Investigations and Intelligence (III/i3), is the collection and analysis of publicly available information both offline and online. Whereas other providers lack specialist experience, OSInt is a vital component of our work at Research Associates, uniquely positioning us to provide expert training based on more than forty years of experience. Since we engage in OSInt on a daily basis, our knowledge and techniques are constantly evolving to remain at the bleeding edge, ensuring that our training is kept current as OSInt/i3 is ever-evolving. Due to the highly sensitive and advanced nature of Research Associates’ OSInt training, it is offered only to public sector organisations and vetted companies who are willing to be transparent.

Investigative Interview Training

Research Associates offers specialist training in interview techniques, enabling interviewers to gain more accurate and reliable information from interviewees. We use similar methods to the worldwide judiciary, based on persistent yet non-confrontational questioning. Due to the especially sensitive nature of investigative interviews and the importance of obtaining a complete and accurate account, it is crucial that any interviewer has the requisite training to achieve the best possible interview from the interviewee. Undergoing our investigative interview training will enable you to interview a broad range of interviewees effectively and sensitively, including vulnerable people such as children or those with learning difficulties, as well as provide you with the requisite skills to work with interpreters.

Surveillance Training

With over forty years of surveillance experience, Research Associates has exceptional expertise in contemporary observation techniques, making us a uniquely well-versed surveillance training provider. Observation is a highly delicate task, and an inexperienced operative may inadvertently jeopardise an operation, should they be untrained. Therefore, it is vital that surveillance operatives undergo up-to-date training with surveillance veterans offered by Research Associates. Our surveillance training provides participants with the skillsets to gather evidence via overt and covert surveillance operations, both on foot and mobile, as well as to deal with countersurveillance.

What next?

In order to discuss your unique training requirements, we recommend you call us directly to talk through your specific needs and obtain a free, no-obligation quote. Once these have been established, we will craft and implement a bespoke training plan that meets your requirements to be delivered at a time and place that suits you.

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Research Associates is proud to be associated with prestigious organisations in the field of investigation and forensic sciences. As a distinguished member of the UK’s Association of British Investigators, we uphold the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical practices.

Furthermore, our affiliation with The Institute of Professional Investigators and the World Association of Detectives Inc. underscores our commitment to global excellence in the investigative industry.

We also take pride in our membership with the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, which demonstrates our dedication to advancing forensic science and maintaining the highest level of expertise in our field.

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