Martin Tomlins-Young first established himself as a professional investigator within the UK investigation industry in September 1994, from a primarily corporate research background. Two years later, in 1996, after developing a speciality in locating missing persons, initially within the UK and later internationally, Martin Tomlins-Young joined Research Associates. Over the following decade, Martin proved himself remarkably adept at finding individuals (however complex or challenging the presenting situation) and creating in-depth background reports. In addition, he assisted in numerous cases for American Express, supporting their legal team specifically on international fraud and ‘locate’ matters initiated within the UK and Europe.

In-Depth Research

Over the past two decades, Martin Tomlins-Young has also set up sophisticated systems for the focused investigation and tracing of birth relatives (locating birth parents, birth siblings or children) as well as investigations involving adoption and other complex traces. After becoming a director of Research Associates in 2002, Martin Tomlins-Young extended his expertise to include the high-end surveillance, profiling and intelligence research for which both he and Research Associates are renowned.


Currently a director and partner within Research Associates, a full-service security agency offering high-spec investigative assistance to select clientele worldwide, Martin Tomlins-Young is a full member in good standing of the Association of British Investigators (ABI), as well as an Associate of the Internationale Kommission der Detektiv-Verbände (International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives, based in Vienna).

Martin Tomlins-Young holds a clear Criminal Conviction Certificate (Disclosure No 200000003049443). This certificate is renewed every three years as part of the Association of British Investigators’ self-regulating criteria.

Martin Tomlins-Young is a tenacious and lateral thinking puzzle solver – “always looking for a result” and happy to look at the fine details of a complex situation. Martin Tomlins-Young offers clients resolution to their presenting problem, using clever and knowledgeable approaches to challenging, complicated or seemingly impossible matters.

Specialised Focus

  • Private covert surveillance/observation
  • Profiling
  • Due diligence
  • Locating missing persons, especially birth relatives
  • Investigations involving adoption
  • Debtor tracing
  • Fraud investigation