One of the most vital parts of any long-lasting relationship is trust, and once that trust begins to erode, it can take the rest of the relationship down with it.

This is bad enough for any two people committed to each other but is far worse when the pair live together, are married or have children, where a betrayal of trust can completely upend a person’s life and lead to particularly messy separations and divorces.

Some people want to bring in a private investigator to either know for sure or allay concerns that have been building for a while, but it is essential to use one that specialises in personal relationships, as it requires an understanding of the relationship, objectivity with evidence and absolute discretion.

Here are some common reasons why people come to an investigator for help and what we can do in these particular situations

Investigate Infidelity

Whilst not the only reason why a relationship would be tested, fears about a partner cheating alone can destroy a relationship, whether those fears turn out to be justified or not.

Whilst the revelation can often come out of nowhere, there are often signs and changes in behaviour that can lead to suspicions of their faithfulness or honesty, but much like you cannot accuse someone of a crime with just feelings, an accusation of cheating can destroy a relationship, correct or incorrect though it may be.

Every case is different and “strange behaviour” will be relative to how they normally are, but could involve an investigation of a partner’s background and their current activity that can be obtained legally, covertly and professionally.

This can involve tracing their whereabouts if a partner is claiming to work extra hours with footage for evidence and context, digital forensics to check digital communications, accessing phone records and interviewing witnesses, obtained legally and verified before reporting.

Conversely, it can also confirm that there may be other reasons for strange behaviour, such as stress, a new personal interest, financial troubles, part of a surprise or another reason entirely.

In either case, having clarity and peace of mind can help a lot, and could prepare you for the next stage of your relationship.

Divorce Asset Tracing

Near the end of a relationship when divorce can look all but inevitable, sometimes one part of the relationship may start to hide their assets to avoid them being part of an inevitable settlement.

This is, of course, against the law, but it can at times be difficult to find and even harder to prove if the work to hide these assets is done ahead of time. 

This is where asset tracing and tracking can help to ensure that when a divorce takes place, everyone involved gets a fair settlement, by ensuring that every asset is accounted for and fairly divided.

Marriage Validation

One of the worst possible feelings is getting married to someone, only to find out they are not who they say they are or have been keeping considerable secrets from you. This is why every wedding has the priest ask if there is a lawful reason why a pair shall not be wed.

Hidden children, a double life or even an existing marriage could be devastating, but a forensic background check can find and report to a prospective spouse the potential warning signs.

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