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Ruthlessly Pursuing Fraud

Research Associates’ approach is both compassionate and robust

Fraud is a pernicious and thriving activity that increasingly preys on both corporate enterprises and private individuals. Research Associates, established private investigators since 1977, has successfully helped recover the lost funds of many victims of fraud and brought many a perpetrator to justice. Our prime function is to satisfy our clients through intelligent processes and in a cost-efficient manner.

The task is not easy. Fraudsters use every kind of deceit to achieve their ends even to the extent of using an innocent party as a financial intermediary. Yet, despite their devious stratagems, we are able to keep pace with fraud and its infinite mutations across the world. Why? Because we understand the way fraudsters work, we have the feet on the ground and exploit the same technologies they use!

Ruthless in pursuit

Every case of fraud is different, so our approach varies from case to case. However, our attitude to fraud is constant: we understand clients’ loss, the money, the indignity and the distress that goes with the crime. At the same time, we are ruthless in the pursuit of the perpetrators and determined to recover the loss whenever possible. From the beginning, we make it clear that a satisfactory conclusion can take time and may spread across national frontiers.


We have uniquely privileged legal access to fraudsters’ finances and assets. Besides identifying where the stolen assets may be hidden, we can disclose a person’s financial liabilities using exemptions in the current legislation. Access to such information frequently exposes who the criminals are and where they can be found. This service is offered only when a project demands it and is undertaken in full compliance of all the privacy laws where they apply.

The best in the world

When a fraud case is presented to us, we analyse all the available evidence and build an effective team whose size and composition is suited to a specific problem. Members of that team will have been picked from the world’s finest forensic investigators. They may be former police fraud personnel, highly qualified specialists in the forensic sciences or consultant technicians who are expert in all kinds of surveillance and communications techniques.


These specialists are at the top of their game. Nevertheless, whatever case we are appointed to, wherever it takes us, we endeavour to be cost effective at all times. Early in the proceedings, we confer with our client about possible outcomes to enable a decision as to whether all-out pursuit is worthwhile. If it is, we go to work with single-minded determination, confident of a satisfactory conclusion.


At the conclusion of every case, we provide a detailed report of what we have found and what measures we recommend are necessary to remove the threat of future attempts at fraud.

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If you suspect or encounter fraud in any of it devious forms, call 020 7243 1000 now, our response will be immediate and effective.

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